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Shop with your own bag, to-go mug, or container and earn points toward exciting rewards from your favorite participating stores. Start by downloading the free mobile app. Make your business a leader in sustainability. Gain loyal customers and employees. Tailor your own incentives and see results provided to you in report format. Start a Fundraiser Program by selling sustainable, reusable products that can be used every day - at home, school, social events, and shopping where they can be used to earn rewards. Cities, towns and organizations with waste reduction goals can partner with Beeco to help achieve them. Market-based, social media tools engage community residents, visitors and businesses to participate.
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Did you know...
  • In America, each of us (on average) generates 4 1/2 pounds of trash each day.
  • We recycle far less than 10% of the plastics we use.
  • Plastics do not decompose in landfills and in oceans where they end up.

“We applaud Beeco’s innovative market based approach that encourages stores and their customers to choose reusable service items."

-John L. Tayer, President and CEO, Boulder Chamber of Commerce

"By generating less waste, people, businesses, and our community all enjoy the benefit of cost savings and a healthier environment—exactly the type of win-win initiative the Boulder Chamber is proud to champion."

-John L. Tayer, President and CEO, Boulder Chamber of Commerce

Beeco's revolutionary program of rewarding people for using less stuff is simple to use.

Just download our free mobile app Beeco Rewards on your iPhone or Android device, and you’re ready to go!

With Beeco Rewards, you can earn points toward rewards for something as simple as bringing your reusable bag or mug when shopping at your favorite stores.

Beeco Rewards is an easy way to Earn Rewards and give loyalty to participating stores, while doing your part to reduce waste.

Individual small acts can add-up to Big Rewards for you, your community, and for our environment!

If you convince your favorite store to join Beeco Rewards, we will send you a free Beeco Mug that was made in the USA from 100% recycled content materials!

Everyone wants to live in a healthy and sustainable world - it’s up to each one of us to make it happen.

Join Beeco Rewards and begin today!

" Be Part of the Solution ... Beeco Rewards! "

Beeco Team

"Our goal for Boulder Brought It Rewards is to mobilize customers and businesses around simple, everyday acts that collectively move Boulder closer to becoming a zero waste community."

-David Driskell, City of Boulder Community Planning and Sustainability Executive Director

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Sustainnovate at UCCS University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Stop by today to hear great speakers and visit exhibitors #sustain201
Positive and necessary trend. San Francisco bans plastic water bottles at city facilities by 2020. https://t.co/kPO7Av93A
Sign this petition to help Bees, that are so critical for our food supply! https://t.co/QmbBFnDpS
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When the European Council of Member States voted in late November to create new rules aimed at reducing single-use plastic bag consumption, it made one exception.


How does a city with no formal plastics recycling program have a 90 percent recycling rate for its PET bottles? Here’s a hint – it has almost nothing at all to do with the environment or doing the right thing.


Southwest Airlines is donating 43 acres worth of leather from its plane seats to launch upcycling programs that will help people in developing countries gain valuable job skills and create sellable products

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Welcome to Beeco Rewards

Be Healthy Small SunBeeco is the reliable resource to find sustainability-focused businesses and products that are healthier choices for you, your family, and for our communities.

Be Involved Be a part of the Beeco Buzz! Check out Small SunBeeco's Blog and find other helpful resources toward achieving a more sustainable lifestyle.

Bring your reusable shopping bags, travel mugs & take-out containers to make purchases at participating stores. Download our free Small SunBeeco Rewards mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone or tablet and begin to earn rewards for using less!

The list of participating retailers is growing, so make sure to check back often to see if your favorite store is included. If it’s not, be sure to let them know they should join Small SunBeeco Rewards and we’ll send you a reusable bag or mug to use there if they do!

Businesses Reduce waste and expenses, while gaining new and more loyal customers. Learn how to become a Small SunBeeco Rewards Network Retailer today!